I am a user experience (UX) and interface (UI) designer with a multi-disciplinary skill set across video game development, software development, illustration, graphic design as well as mentoring and management.
After 12 years as a game developer, I have shifted my focus to the product world by using my experience in games to create joyful and engaging experiences for everyday users.

I value transparent processes, working collaboratively with empathy, and being my honest self with my work and my peers.

I will absolutely tell you all about my cats.
Ubisoft Toronto NEXT
In 2019, I established the User Interface category of Toronto Ubisoft's yearly NEXT challenge which is designed to grant a paid apprenticeship with one of our major disciplines. Participants must follow a game design brief to provide a UI Design involving menu and HUD features, tackling specific challenges. Selected participants also receive a feedback session throughout the process. 
This challenge has become a popular exercise for students and those wanting to practice their skills. Feel free to contact me for previous year briefs if you'd like a reference. 
Information for 2022's UI Art Challenge will be posted in late 2021. 
UI Art/Design - A Primer on how Graphic Design can lead to a career in UI in Games | Various Schools (2021)
Debunking Myths and Misconceptions Around UI in Game Development | EGLX (2018), Sheridan College (2019)
Your Art Sucks: How to Gracefully Manage Criticism | Art-Up! Winter (2016)
UI Art Makes Games for Everyone | Ubisoft Toronto (2020)
I like to focus on topics around demystifying the UX/UI process within game development for students and those entering the industry. If you'd like get in touch about a speaking engagement, please e-mail me at neomonki@gmail.com
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