Guacamelee 2 introduced a skill tree system that I designed and consulted on with Drinkbox Games as a UI Designer. My work also included establishing a consistent UI style for the rest of their menus to follow and determining an art direction for the skill iconography that would be used in the final game.
UI Design Exploration
It was through developing this specific feature that we were also able to establish a general style for the rest of the menus to follow including colours, patterns and iconography. 
The biggest challenge was trying to balance the large amount of information on one screen without having the player to go through too many steps to upgrade their character. The other challenge was finding a right balance of colour to ensure we could capture the bright colourful art direction that the game is famous for.
The most enjoyable part of this project was establishing the art direction of the skill icons, which were inspired by Inca and Mayan symbols.
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